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Since we started in the world of parcel and courier services, we have been committed to last mile logistics. We have put all our effort and commitment into achieving a platform capable of efficiently and professionally managing each and every one of the deliveries that had to be made.

For this reason, and because we are passionate about offering the solutions that professionals and individuals seek in their urgent shipmentsis that we've become a last-mile company.

We are a company that offers its services in different cities: Madrid, Valencia, Barcelona, Murcia, Seville and Malaga. Places where we are a reference, thanks to our way of working and the great team it is formed by Happy Box.

Do you know what the 'Last Mile' is?

At this point in this article you may not know what the last mile is, well, in Happy Box we are going to explain it to you in a quick and easy way.

The last mile is the last step in the whole process, i.e. the process of purchasing, preparation, packaging and shipping to the customer, this term refers to the final step of the whole process. Being mostly considered as the most expensive and slowest part of the process, something that nowadays is no longer the case, because with last mile companies like ours you will be able to offer your customers the option to receive their order in a record time, up to 1-2 hours, and furthermore, at a very competitive price.

Last Mile Shipments

Happy Box, your last mile company in Madrid, Barcelona and Malaga.

What do companies need for their last mile shipments?

Firstly, it is necessary to have a platform capable of awarding orders to the most optimal carriers, as well as choosing the right type of fleet. It is also important that it is compatible with different order management platforms. That, after unexpected changes in the delivery address, it is able to inform the carrier of this.

This is just the beginning of what it takes to be a great last-mile shipping company.

The last mile, the key factor in express delivery

After knowing more about the last mile you will have realized that it is a key factor in the delivery of parcels and courier services, whether in Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga or any other city where you currently offer your products. Not only does it allow you to reduce the waiting time for the reception of orders, but you will also be able to cover a larger volume of production by not having to worry about the last step of the online sales process, the delivery of the product.

As one of the pioneering last mile companies in Spain, we want you to know more about our platform with AI and our team. We invite you to contact us, tell us what your business or eCommerce is about and learn about the great advantages of our services.

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