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At Happy Box we deliver in Barcelona, all over the city. We have a professional delivery team that knows the fastest routes so that the package is received in the shortest time possible. In addition, being a last mile company we are able to make deliveries in record time.

Shipping and ecommerce in Barcelona

We are a company that from the beginning knew that all ecommerce stores needed a fast and efficient shipping service, as well as professional and very competitive cost. Because the best way to build customer loyalty is through fast shipping and in the same day, something that companies and department stores in Barcelona have very present.

Our best guarantee is the customers, who are totally satisfied with our services and the speed of shipments within the city.

How can we offer an efficient shipping service?

At Happy Box we have advanced technology, a system that provides last mile logistics solutions, which allows us to award the order to be transported to the most suitable delivery company, also choosing the fleet; car, truck, bike, scooter, etc.

The service we offer for shipments in Barcelona is very clear:

  1. We received the order to send it through our platform with Artificial Intelligence.
  2. The application chooses the most optimal carrier for the task, thus establishing the delivery time.
  3. The delivery is made trying to be delivered to the specified address in the shortest time possible, with this we achieve the best level of customer satisfaction and enhance the degree of loyalty to the company where you made your purchase.

Happy Box delivery capabilities have no limits, thanks to our large fleet of vehicles we can make urgent deliveries of any type of product; flowers, clothing, furniture, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food, and any other that your company offers to its target audience.

We are the best transport company for shipments in Barcelona

Our eagerness and commitment to our clients has made us one of the most popular delivery companies within the same city. There are already many cities where we offer our parcel and courier delivery and collection services. In addition, our growth has no limits and we hope that by the end of this year we will have been able to grow much more and offer our services to companies in other cities in Spain.

If you were looking for a logistic solution for your product shipments in Barcelona, contact our team now. They will advise you on everything and inform you about our way of working and the characteristics of our innovative and advanced logistic system.

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