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Since our beginnings at Happy Box we have been aware of the needs of each and every e-commerce consumer: "Fast order delivery".

This last point is the most important in the decision making of a potential consumer, because, as this article of says, in which it mentions our company, Happy Box, as the one that has the solution to e-commerce problems, people after choosing with great security the product they want and the store where they are going to buy it, reach a point of indecision caused by the time it may take to receive the order.

Fast deliveries for e-commerce

Without a doubt, fast deliveries and shipments at no additional cost are two of the points that bring great value to the user when making the decision to buy. Why? Very easy, because all those who make a purchase online want their order to arrive as soon as possible and without a large additional cost, because it has already been paid for the product in question.

But of course, this is where the problem we incited with the title of the article appears. It is the delivery section from the warehouse to the home that causes the most headaches for businesses, a section known as the "last mile". Problems in e-commerce shipments that can be solved with Happy Box, thanks to its incredible and advanced technology in reference to last mile logistics.

Why is Happy Box the solution to the problems of fast deliveries in E-commerce?

At Happy Box we bet on Artificial Intelligence to provide solutions for fast and economical deliveries. As our CEO Juan José Rodríguez says in the article mentioned above, "Our proposal within this sector is a strong commitment to technology with artificial intelligence as the main tool", thanks to this we will know what types of fleet we will need every day and it will show the most efficient and effective way of delivery for each of the products to be delivered.

An API in which we are in continuous communication with our customers and through which all orders, as well as possible changes in delivery addresses, are managed in an automated manner. An application with artificial intelligence technology that also offers assessments to each of the delivery men and can show who can be the best on rainy and sunny days, so that in any weather conditions, you can choose the delivery man best suited for that journey.

Do you want to know more about the Happy Box solution for e-commerce? We recommend that you read this interesting article carefully: The big problem to solve in e-commerce is last mile delivery, and Happy Box has a plan to solve it.

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